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August 24, 2013
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Glyph || QUIRINIUS || Diaeresis by k-o-j-i Glyph || QUIRINIUS || Diaeresis by k-o-j-i

    Wanna RP with this toxic little frog?
    You're welcome to add me on Skype [ iikojiroii ]
    Not a fan of skype? He also has a tumblr

      ◤ QUIRINIUS ◢

      b a s i c s

        ◆◇ Name ◇◆ Quirinius Cato [ Quirin ]
        ◆◇ Age ◇◆ 28
        ◆◇ Gender ◇◆ Male
        ◆◇ Height|Weight ◇◆ 6’0 (6’3 in heels)
        ◆◇ Eyes|Hair|Skin ◇◆ Faded brown w/gold ring | Black w/ yellow to green fade + blue streak | lightly tanned
        ◆◇ Pact ◇◆ Accents
        ◆◇ Glyph ◇◆ Ä or ä [diaeresis]
        ◆◇ Rank ◇◆ 1
        ◆◇ Weapon ◇◆ Blowgun

          He mostly uses a modern blowgun with additional length attachments (minimum 2.5 inch to a max of 3 feet) made of thin metal piping with his initials etched on the side. He does keep a traditional blowgun however it is far too special for him to use out on missions and is mostly decorative, yet he does take it out to clean and practice with every now and then.

          His ammunition varies from thin and pointed reeds to regular metallic darts both of which are coated in one of the various poisons he keeps stored in small vials on his person. Their effects range from isolated paralysis to hallucinations to tranquilizers, most of which wear off in an hour or two per dose.

          His saliva and sweat produce a natural toxin that causes minor irritation to skin upon contact and temporary conscious paralysis if somehow ingested or exposed to an orifice. sorry ladies, no kisses~

      a b o u t

        ◆◇ Personality ◇◆

          Excitable Quirin is very easily excitable anytime someone wants to involve him in a situation or needs his assistance he jumps at the opportunity and gives it his all, even if his all is not required
          Blunt Don't expect him to keep his mouth shut, he always has something to say and has no problem saying it, regardless of it is appropriate to do so or not.
          Hyperactive Sitting still is something Quirin is unable to do, if not keeping himself occupied with even the most menial of tasks the male will then find something for him to do, which more often than not gets him into trouble.
          Loud Due to his inability to stay quiet when not working it is very obvious to tell what sort of mood Quirin is in. Don't tell him any secrets if you want to keep them just that.
          Perfectionist Things being incomplete or sloppy bother him and he will not hesitate to make it look decent himself, with or without permission.

          ◆◇ Background ◇◆

            Quirinius was always a troublemaker, picking fights and getting himself into trouble and no amount of intervention seemed to fix him. He'd steal, drink, smoke, and destroy property all for a little bit of fun as the energetic boy was simply too bored with all the proper things in life. With his parents giving up hope the boy was sent to juvenile detention with the hopes that there he would see how destructive he was being and how he was ruining his life. During his stay in juvi he became unlikely friends with Zvon, who would later convince him to join The Glyphs.

            After his year in juvi proved to do nothing more than increase his boredom Quirin decided to continue on with school convinced that he might be able to learn something interesting. Immediately he took up an interest in chemistry, the mix of elements and chemicals and their dangerous reactions absolutely got all of his attention and focus. He needed to learn more. His interest in chemicals and toxins on grew as time went on, he'd "charm" his way into labs to learn (and steal) all that he could to improve his knowledge and eventually managed to get himself a job at one of the top labs in the area. Of course this wasn't a legit job, with his record and limited schooling he was hardly a qualifying candidate however he showed up everyday, knew what he was talking about, and did as he was told and in a short while the other employees just assumed he worked there too.

            Even with his new dream job Quirin's life was still lacking something and he still felt bored. During a walk around town he ran into his friend Zvon who suggested he join this gang for some action and a bit of spare cash. Figuring that this could be the one thing that might cure his boredom completely Quirin accepted the offer.

          ◆◇ Role ◇◆
            Current:: Tactician
            planning intel missions is Quirin's favorite thing to do, not only does he have the ability to quickly asses the situation quickly and map out a plan off attack but with his blowgun he makes it easier to sneak in once most of the threats have been poisoned

            Occasional:: Toxicologist
            messing around with chemicals and toxins is his dream job and while he often doesn't talk much about it and you can tell when he had gone to "work" by how replenished his poison collection is.

          ◆◇ Power ◇◆

            [L1] Minor Pinch using special glands on the side of his mouth he produces a weak toxin with minor hallucinogenic effects which he coats the tip of darts in (max. 10)and shoots at a relatively short distance (3 meters)
            [L2] Sleep Well using special glands on the side of his mouth he produces a medium-grade toxin with minor hallucinogenic and temporary isolated paralysis effects which he coats the tip of darts in (max. 20)and shoots at a decent range distance (6 meters)
            [L3] Toxic Touch using special glands on the side of his mouth he produces a violent toxin with medium hallucinogenic and temporary complete paralysis effects which he coats the tip of darts in (max. 30)and shoots at a long range distance (9 meters)
          Blowing darts takes a lot of energy yo~

        m i s c e l l a n e o u s i n f o

          ◆◇ Along with his natural toxins Quirin is always working on building immunity to various foreign toxins so its best that you don't share food with him or kiss him lest you end up suffering from some sort of side effect.
          ◆◇ Sings obnoxiously loud to terrible songs, in private and public and gives no shits about it.
          ◆◇ Picked up the habit of licking things to learn about them, including people.
          ◆◇ He loves to wear heeled shoes, not to feel taller just because he fines them attractive, especially women's shoes.

        s t a t s

          ◇◇ STR ◆◆○○○○○○○ (◆2|■0)
          ◇◇ DEF ◆◆◆○○○○○○○ (◆3|■0)
          ◇◇ END ◆◆◆◆○○○○ (◆4|■0)
          ◇◇ AGI ◆◆◆◆■■■○○○ (◆4|■3)
          ◇◇ MP8 ◆◆◆◆◆○○○ (◆5|■0)
          ◇◇ INT ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■○ (◆7|■ 2)

        e x p e r i e n c e

          ◆◇ TBA

        m o n e y

          ◆◇ $500 [invite]

        i n v e n t o r y

          ◆◇ orange lens sun glasses
          ◆◇ okopipi themed scarf
          ◆◇ leather arm band
          ◆◇ black lab coat with reflective neon orange accents
          ◆◇ mustard yellow sweater vest
          ◆◇ 12 small vials of toxins & chemicals (3 per pocket)
          ◆◇ heeled boots


      thanks *kabuki-eyebrows for lining him for me...cause otherwise it wasn't going to happen~
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Crystias Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeahhhhh hello cutie patootie ( a very toxic cutie patootie) 
k-o-j-i Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Just like a wittle frog~
Crystias Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Sweetsunnyrain Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
holy crap
we got a badass in the house :iconwooowplz:
k-o-j-i Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
He's harmless~

Until he licks you. 
Sweetsunnyrain Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
whispers better not let aria get near him she'll beat him up
k-o-j-i Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
He might enjoy that~
Sweetsunnyrain Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
oh gosh she'd get all pissed about that then
aria hates people that she can't get to be submissive/can't get a reaction from
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Bring it on~
Sweetsunnyrain Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013

we should rp
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